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LG LFXS29766S French Door Smart Refrigerator

Smart Fridge Review #2: “This is a big fridge!”

LG Smart Fridge Review

The LG LFXS29766S French Door Refrigerator with 29 Cubic Feet of storage is the ultimate in this class of refrigerators. Its elegant design and superior technology keeps food fresh for days.

Some amazing features of the LG LFXS29766S French Door Refrigerator include door-in-door, tempered glass SpillProtector shelves, a slim ice making system called SpacePlus and more. For a reasonable price, you will be taking home an exceptional product that’s unbeatable in this range. It also comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on its Linear Compressor.

It is an energy star rated fridge with very efficient design that keeps electricity consumption low. On average this fridge will consume 736 kWh/Year of power which is reasonable for its capacity and size.

Large Capacity: Whether you are a busy career woman or proud home maker with a large family stock up on variety of favorite foods of the family and keep them conveniently organized inside your well designed fridge that allows you to keep everything within easy reach. Well-designed shelves and bins allow maximum storage, minimal fuss while retrieving and all at convenient height and reach.

Icemaker on door: Need ice to chill your drinks? Just get it from the door dispenser. No need to open the freezer or wrestle with the ice-container. The LG LFXS29766S has two ice makers one on the door and other inside the fridge. You can also get cold water from the door dispenser. No need to store it in bottles inside the fridge.

Door-in-Door: Most folks open the fridge to reach for a drink or a small snack. Opening the fridge for these small items causes energy wastage as outside air rushes in each time you open it. The compressor has to work harder to cool the fridge and its contents to prevent spoilage of food.

With the new Door-in-Door feature your frequent visits to the fridge will not be as energy-wasting as there is plenty of space for your beverages, drinks, snacks in the door to keep you satisfied while freeing up lot of valuable space inside to store other stuff. Also, food lasts longer without spoilage with lesser amount of energy used. A win-win-win design solution.

Slim Ice Maker: A slim and very efficient ice maker gives you more shelf space to store all kinds of food in your fridge. It also frees up space in the doors allowing for bigger door bins. The freezer has a 9.9 cubic feet capacity. You can make up to 7 pounds of ice every day with a similar storage capacity in your LG LFXS29766S French Door Refrigerator.

Smart Cooling Plus: The Smart Cooling Plus technology keeps your food fresher for longer in the LG LFXS29766S. The fridge is equipped with linear compressor and dual evaporators that removes humidity and restores temperature levels to the required point quickly and efficiently. Vents placed in every section surround food with cool and fresh air no matter where you put the food. There are nine temperature sensors through out the fridge to keep it at the required temperature setting.

Other features: Smooth touch control with white LED to program the fridge and the electronic digital controls help to set the temperatures in the fridge. The door alarm remind users when the fridge door is open for too long or if someone forgets to close it properly.

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