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Samsung RF23J9011SR French Door Smart Refrigerator

Smart Fridge Review #3: “Super flexible, great looking”

Best Samsung Smart Refrigerator Review

The Samsung RF23J9011SR 23.0 Cu.Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator is one of the top rated big sized fridges on Amazon.com. It’s got an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’s sleek and stylish having 23 Cu. Ft. to store large amount of food.

If you are an infrequent but big shopper, this fridge provides you with enough space to store weeks of fresh and frozen food. It is also designed to be versatile, for instance the bottom right door can be converted to either fridge or freezer depending on your requirement.

The Samsung Smart Refrigerator is a 4-Door Flexô appliance, highly energy-efficient, with a Triple Cooling System that aims to keep the right temperature inside the fridge and keep your food fresh and nutritious for longer periods of time. Your perishables last longer too.

Design: Stylish and sleek counter depth design ensures more space to work in the kitchen while the appliance blends in with the cabinetry and fits inside the cabinet space. You don’t have to modify your kitchen’s style or work space for this fridge.

23 Cubic Feet Capacity: It’s a 4-door French door refrigerator that can easily accommodate more than 20 grocery bags full of stuff.

Cool Select Plus: The flexible design allows you to modify the bottom right door of the Samsung RF23J9011SR refrigerator to either freezer or fridge depending on your requirement. It is easy to change temperature settings for instance normal fridge is set at 41∞F, the deep freezer at -9∞F to 1∞F, the chiller at 30∞F and soft freezing at 23∞F.

Triple Cooling System: The Samsung RF23J9011SR is equipped with 3 evaporators and two compressors for maximum freshness. This triple cooling system ensures right temperature and humidity controls in three main areas of the fridge. This ensures that food stays fresh longer.

Ice Master: Make 5 pounds of ice per day in the Ice Master of the Samsung 4 door refrigerator. Store around 3 pounds of ice and the elegant design ensures more room in the refrigerator.

LED lighting: The very gentle but bright LED lighting provides enough light for you to see every part of the fridge and spot what you want. It emits very little heat and is energy efficient too. It is designed to save space for storage.

Humidity-Controlled Crisper Drawers: There are two humidity-controlled drawers to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp.

Adjustable Shelf: The shelves of this Samsung RF23J9011SR Smart French Door Refrigerator
are adjustable and you can rearrange and re-adjust the shelves to fit all types of items with ease. Whether tall, long, irregular shape or squat you can rearrange the three way shelves to easily fit any item.

Power Freeze and Power Cool: Another cool feature is the power freeze or power cool when you need to chill food or a drink really quickly. Chill your favorite drink or firm up that ice cream in a jiffy.

Energy Efficient: It is an energy star rated fridge that consumes very little power to provide the refrigeration you need at low cost.

Inbuilt Filter, Water and Ice Dispenser: There is inbuilt filter that provides filtered water, chilled water, crushed ice and ice cubes at any time of the day. The tall space for dispensing water allows you to fill tall bottles or glasses without having to juggle or refill repeatedly.

Easy Controls: The external blue digital display helps you to easily make required settings at the touch of button.

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Samsung RF34H9960S4 34.3 Cu. Ft. French Door Smart Refrigerator

Smart Fridge Review #5: “Everything it’s cracked up to be”

Samsung Smart Fridge Review

The Samsung RF34H9960S4 34.3 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator is the ultimate refrigerator favored by chefs and professionals with a sleek stainless steel finish and 34.3 Cu. Ft. capacity , this appliance features 4-French Doors and has the coveted energy star rating.

It is equipped with spill proof glass shelves, an automatic pure water dispenser, metal cooling and chef mode features. The fridge was designed with inputs from Master Chefs and designed for sophisticated cooks. This extra large fridge has enough space to store up to 34 grocery bag full of stuff.

Metal Cooling: The Samsung RF34H9960S4 Chef Collection comes with the metal cooling system that seals the freshness and locks in the cold. It is fitted with stainless steel paneling to maintain a consistent temperature in the entire refrigerator.

Triple Cooling: The triple cooling system features 3 evaporators to keep all the parts of the refrigerator at the required temperature and humidity levels. With the three main zones of the fridge at different temperature settings, the set of two compressors and 3 evaporators keep the fridge at most efficient working order and the precise temperature settings. This ensures your food is fresh always.

Innovative Display: The display is sleek and seamless featuring LED lights that shine through micro-pinholes and display current temperature settings.

Pure and sparkling water: The Samsung RF34H9960S4 Chef French Door Smart Refrigerator is equipped with still or sparkling water dispenser powered by Sodastream. With this innovative feature you save money, time and space as you no longer need to buy bottled water. You can buy replacement Sodastream 60L capacity carbonators at more than 10,000 locations.

Fridge or Freezer: The versatile design allows a part of the fridge to be converted to freezer whenever the need arises. The bottom right door part of the refrigerator can easily become fresh food storage area or a freezer compartment depending on temperature settings.

Pillar Lighting: The refrigerator is lit up using tower lighting to brighten every part of it. It emits very little heat and is energy efficient compared to traditional lighting.

Chef Pantry: Store meat and fish at 30∫ F in the Chef Pantry as recommended by top chefs including Michelin star chefs. This is ideal for keeping your meat and fish fresh and just right for staying juicy and delicious for long periods.

Chef Mode: Select the perfect temperature settings for every part of the fridge to keep your food fresh and in perfect condition as recommended by chefs. Four different temperature settings for the four zones keeps all types of food fresh.

Energy star rating: The Samsung refrigerator not only meets the energy star ratings but also exceeds them providing a very efficient refrigeration system for your home.

Chef Pan: Marinate fish and meats in the special chef pan. You can pull out the pan and place it directly in the oven. The pan is easily cleaned and is dishwasher safe.

Chef Basket: Great storage option for storing smoked cheese and cured meats. Use it to store in the fridge or take it with you when needed.

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